Top Ten Christmas Traditions

It doesn’t matter where you live, Christmas is a magical time of year. Each country has its own traditions that are unique to them. Here are the top ten Christmas traditions from Britain – and beyond. Here in Britain, we celebrate Christmas with great enthusiasm! Lots of good food and drink, the exchanging of presents … Read more

Homemade Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is a time for food, family, friends, and being grateful. Here are some tried and tested homemade thanksgiving recipes to help you celebrate this special time of year. Thanksgiving is one of the biggest holidays in the USA; it started out as a harvest festival and has evolved into a national holiday. Thanksgiving is … Read more

Easy Chinese Food Recipes

Chinese food is one of our most popular takeaway cuisines. But not many of us make it at home. Here are some easy Chinese food recipes that you can try for yourself. They’re both quick and delicious! Chinese food has been around for centuries in China, but it was only introduced to the western world … Read more

Easy Homemade Christmas Gifts – Food

With Christmas fast approaching, we need to think about what to buy for our friends and families. This year, why not treat them to something you’ve made yourself? Here are some ideas for easy homemade Christmas gifts. And they’re edible too! We all know someone –  or several someones – who are difficult to choose … Read more