Best Vegetarian Barbecue Recipes

These delicious meat-free recipes will appeal to everyone, not just vegetarians. Here’s a selection of my best vegetarian barbecue recipes for you to try. If you’re a vegetarian and get invited to a family barbecue, the chances are that you won’t have much choice of what to eat; maybe a veggie burger or a vegetable … Read more

What To Eat on a Vegetarian Diet

You might be wondering what to eat on a vegetarian diet. Vegetarian food is colourful, tasty, and healthy; these recipes are so tasty you won’t miss the meat. If you’re still going to eat eggs and dairy then it’s easy to adapt your favourite dishes to vegetarian recipes. But even if you’ve given up dairy … Read more

What is a Healthy Vegetarian Diet?

More people than ever are turning to vegetarian food. There are many reasons for this but health is one of them. But what is a healthy vegetarian diet? Meat is no longer the natural food it once was, it’s tainted with antibiotics, intensively reared and for many people that’s enough to make them give up … Read more

What to Make With Potatoes

The humble potato doesn’t look very exciting. And what can you make with potatoes? Here are some of the most popular potato dishes for you to try. The History of Potatoes Potatoes were first discovered when the Spanish invaded Peru, in 1536. They had been cultivated by the Inca Indians, natives of Peru, from 8,000 – 5,000 … Read more