Top Ten Christmas Traditions

It doesn’t matter where you live, Christmas is a magical time of year. Each country has its own traditions that are unique to them. Here are the top ten Christmas traditions from Britain – and beyond.

Easy Homemade Christmas Gifts – Food

With Christmas fast approaching, we need to think about what to buy for our friends and families. This year, why not treat them to something you’ve made yourself? Here are some ideas for easy homemade Christmas gifts. And they’re edible too!

Best Vegetarian Barbecue Recipes

These delicious meat-free recipes will appeal to everyone, not just vegetarians. Here’s a selection of my best vegetarian barbecue recipes for you to try. If you’re a vegetarian and get invited to a family barbecue, the chances are that you won’t have much choice of what to eat; maybe a veggie burger or a vegetable … Read more

Barbecuing For Beginners

Okay, so you have your barbecue all set up and you know how to use it. But what do you cook on it? Here are some tips on barbecuing for beginners. If you’ve never cooked on a barbecue before then you’re going to need some guidance. Even those who can cook will find that cooking … Read more

Best Barbecue Recipes Ever

So, if you’re ready to host your first barbecue but you’re wondering what to cook, here are some of the best barbecue recipes ever to get you started. There are so many good things that you can cook on a barbecue. Here are some suggestions and recipes but feel free to invent your own. Memphis … Read more

Outdoor Cooking Ideas – BBQ

Have you always wanted to try barbecuing? It’s not difficult! Here are some outdoor cooking ideas to get you started. There’s something about cooking and eating out in the open that sets it apart from food eaten indoors. It’s almost romantic, and food cooked on a barbecue tastes so much better than food cooked on … Read more

How to Cook When Camping

Camping is as popular now as it was years ago when I first braved the elements in a tent. But how do you cook when you don’t have a stove? Here are some tips on how to cook when camping that I hope will be helpful to you. The first time that I went camping … Read more