What to Make With Potatoes

The humble potato doesn’t look very exciting. And what can you make with potatoes? Here are some of the most popular potato dishes for you to try. The History of Potatoes Potatoes were first discovered when the Spanish invaded Peru, in 1536. They had been cultivated by the Inca Indians, natives of Peru, from 8,000 – 5,000 … Read more

Quick Easy Pasta Recipes

Pasta is the ultimate convenience food. Here are some quick easy pasta recipes that you can have on the table in under 30 minutes. When you’ve had a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is to come home and start cooking. But with pasta, you can have a delicious, home-cooked … Read more

How To Cook Perfect Fish

Many people are nervous about cooking fish. Don’t be; it’s quick and easy. Once you’ve learned how to cook perfect fish you’ll wonder why you ever found it so scary. Fish is actually very easy to cook. And very easy to prepare. In fact, now that you can buy fish that has been cleaned, scaled, … Read more

Basic Cooking for Beginners

Basic cooking for beginners; what skills will you need to learn? Read on to find out how to cook delicious meals for your friends and family. In these hectic modern times, we are busier than ever, rushing from place to place – business meetings, the school run, work, shopping, and dropping off the dry cleaning. … Read more

Perfect Pan Fried Steak – Every Time

Everyone loves a juicy steak. I’ll show you the easy way to cook the perfect pan fried steak – results guaranteed. Some people feel anxious about cooking steak. Especially if they’re cooking it for someone else. What if it’s undercooked and there’s blood oozing out onto the plate? Or worse, it’s been overcooked and what … Read more

Do Eggs Cause High Cholesterol?

Eggs – Good Guys or Bad Guys? Do eggs cause high cholesterol? And what about heart disease? Here are some facts about eggs that you need to know. Eggs Are Bad For Your Health In the past, eggs had a bad name; we were told that they caused high cholesterol, were full of unhealthy saturated … Read more

Your Store Cupboard Essentials List

Once you’ve equipped your kitchen with the essential tools that you need, the next task is to stock your kitchen cupboards. Here’s your store cupboard essentials list. But what should you buy? Walk around any supermarket and the sheer range of products is mind-blowing. Everything from Miso paste to spelt flour and chilli sauce. So … Read more